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Two Dried Leaves



I have worked as a Clinical Supervisor since 2005, in agencies and as an external supervisor.  I have also supervised Social Work students on placement.  I can assist you to develop your work practices to your full potential, and accessing Clinical Supervision outside of internal line management processes provides a different perspective and allows for authentic query with safety often not present within the workplace.   

In the fields of work where Social Workers practice we are often faced with ethical dilemmas, workload issues, training needs, complex risk assessments, or we require debriefing after critical incidents. Sometimes we seek assistance making complex decisions that accord with agency policy, codes of ethics, and that are in the best interests of all parties.  Clinical Supervision is an important part of practice to assist us to develop and grow in our chosen field of work, and I have a broad range of knowledge and experience to draw upon to assist you.  

If you work in a local agency and wish to obtain my services, get in touch today.  

My scheduled fee is $185.00 per 1 hour session and this includes GST.

Clinical Supervision costs are completely tax deductible as a work related expense.

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