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Pebble Beach



I have over 20 years experience working with both victims and perpetrators of crime.  This is a specialised field of practice and means that whether you have been a victim of a crime, been accused or convicted of a crime, I can work with whatever issues that you, as an individual, are facing.  

Domestic and Family Violence:

You may be concerned that you are currently in an abusive relationship, or maybe you have been accused of being abusive to your partner.  There remains a great deal of stigma in speaking about abuse in the community, however, you will not be judged at my practice.  I can work with your issues, however they manifest.  Please note that couple counselling will not be offered when abuse has been identified within a relationship.  This is in accordance with best-practice guidelines and is to ensure the safety of clients.  

Generalised Violence:

You may be a victim of violence outside your family and relationship, and this often brings with it a trauma response, heightened anxiety and physical stress responses.   Maybe you have been accused or found guilty of assaulting another person.  I can work with you to help you modify your behaviour, and understand your emotional responses to conflict that do not result in ongoing violent behaviour.  

Sexual Violence:

Many people are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, incest, sexual assault, rape, or sexual harassment.  I have years of experience working with these issues, whether they are historical or recent, and I can assist you in your recovery from trauma and loss of bodily autonomy.  

I have worked with sex offenders for crimes past or present, and can work with you to identify your triggers and risk factors, and manage your problematic behaviours utilising a strength-based approach.  

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