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Youth Counselling Service

Castieau Consultancy’s Youth Counsellor, Hannetjie van Aardt, is a Counsellor who specialises in working with youth between the ages of 11-17yrs. She has 20 years of experience working with young people in a wide range of settings and is passionate about helping them navigate this often-confusing stage of life.

She uses a strength-based and character-building approach to assist them in discovering their core self and help them define who they are and want to be. She understands the complexity of attaining and maintaining social and emotional wellbeing, and the importance of self-acceptance.  Hannetjie has experience working with youth who struggles with depression and anxiety, including social anxiety, self-harming behaviours, and school refusal. She also has a wealth of knowledge to help teenagers identify, understand, and regulate their emotions.  

While her focus is the individual, Hannetjie’s counselling approach is holistic in nature and involves working with multiple facets of the young person. 

She prefers to work alongside the parents/guardians of the young people so that she can provide them with the relevant psychoeducation and to equip them with the tools needed to best support their children through their struggles. 


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